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We’re a company committed to the protection of your personal data. Because of it, in order to comply with the established in the Federal Law of Protection of Persona Data held by Particulars published in the Official Journal of the Federation in July 5th, 2010 (the “Law”) and its rules, we extend the current Privacy Notice.

Responsible of the protection of your personal data:

PENSION CREEL S.A. DE C.V. (HOTEL BEST WESTERN THE LODGE AT CREEL), located in Lopez Mateos Street #61, colonia Centro, Z.C. 33200, in Creel, municipality of Bocoyna, Chihuahua, is responsible for the treatment of your personal data. You can contact, whether to exercise your ARCO rights or to solve any doubt you have about the use of your personal data, our department of protection of personal data, via e-mail to arco@thelodgeatcreel.com

For what purposes do we collect and use your personal data?

Your personal data is collected without any divulgation or commercial use purposes, and will only be used for the following purposes:

For providers:

  • To determinate the most proper provider, to request services, products and prices;
  • To place orders;
  • To make payments.

For clients:

  • To determinate the service to deliver;
  • To make reservations;
  • To receive their payments through bank transfers, complying with the applicable bank normative;
  • For credit and charging functions that come from the executed operations.

For both clients and providers:

  • To make an accountable registry of the executed operations;
  • To keep a data base of providers and clients;
  • To make and send invoices;
  • For the fulfillment of legal obligations, including tax and social security related obligations that come from the work relationship;
  • To give the data to legal firms and just in case of not complying with the obligations that come from this contract, to take legal action to solve it.

Secondary purposes:

  • To send newsletters with publicity or marketing purposes regarding the products or services offered in PENSION CREEL and;
  • To evaluate the quality of the service or products offered in PENSION CREEL.

The personal data will be stored for a period of 1 year from the date of its collection and/or during the time that our commercial relationship lasts, under the strictest confidentiality and a different use to the previously mentioned cannot be made, unless there’s a change in the current Privacy Notice.

What personal data do we get and where do we get it?

For the purposes mentioned in the current Privacy Notice, we can collect your personal data when you give it directly to us, whether personally, via phone call or mail, and when we get information through other sources that are allowed by law.

The personal data that we request from providers is: full name, address and phone number, cellphone number, Federal Register of Contributors, e-mail, social media, website and credit, department or debit cards.
The personal data we request from clients is: full name, address and phone number, cellphone number, Federal Register of Contributors, e-mail and bank key number.

The sensitive data that we’ll request from clients is: health issues. This in order to offer a better service in case our client could need protection or a specialized service.

How to access to or rectify your personal data, cancelling it or opposing its use?

You have the right of ACCESSING the personal data we possess and the details of its treatment, as well as RECTIFIYING it in case of being inaccurate or incomplete; CANCELLING it when considering that is not required for any of the purposes mentioned in the current notice, that is being used for other purposes or that the business relationship has already ended, or OPPOSE the treatment of it for specific purposes.
For the exercise of your ARCO rights, we require a request to be sent to our e-mail info@thelodgeatcreel.com

You must comply with the requirements specified in the following part.

How do we protect your personal data?

We’re committed to do our biggest effort to protect the security of the personal data you give to us, through the celebration of lawful acts, through the use of technologies that control the access, use or divulgation without authorization of the personal data and the proper administrative measures from our company. We have safety measures that include restricted access to your files and constant monitoring of our systems. In case of safety vulnerabilities at any phase of the treatment of your personal data, we’ll inform you in the e-mail that you gave to us, so you can take the right measures for your protection.

How can you revoke your consent for the treatment of you data, as well as limit its use or divulgation?

In any moment you can revoke the consent that you’ve given to us for the treatment of your personal data, as well as limit its use or its divulgation, so we stop the use of it. For this, you must present your request in the e-mail info@thelodgeatcreel.com, showing that you’re the owner of the personal data or the legal representative, with any document that serves as an official ID and expressing the clear and precise description of the personal data that you want to exercise any of the rights for, and any other element or document that eases the location of the personal data, as well as documents demanded by the valid law at the moment of the presentation of the request. Also, the e-mail to send our answer or a phone number to contact you.

In up to 20 days, counted from the moment we receive your request, we’ll take care of your request and we’ll inform you about the process through an e-mail to the address that you’ve given, or in its case, we’ll call you so you can go to our address to receive the requested answer. In case the ARCO request is answered in a positive way, the requested changes will be made within the following 15 working days. The responsible can notify, within the mentioned time, the extension of it, just one time, for an equal period to the original.

Likewise, in case of not wanting PENSION CREEL to use your personal data for the secondary purposes mentioned in the current notice, you can send a request to info@thelodgeatcreel.com

Changes in the privacy notice

We reserve the right to make, at any moment, changes or updates in the current privacy notice in order to comply with new legislations, internal policies or new requirements to offer our services or products. These changes will be available for the public through visible ads in our facilities or our website.

To whom can you present your complains for the improper treatment of your personal data?

If you consider that your right of protection of your personal data has been hurt for any behavior of our employees or our actions or answers or you feel that there’s any violation to the dispositions foreseen by the Federal Law of Protection of Personal data Held by Particulars, you can submit your complain before the IFAI. To get more information visit www.ifai.org.mx