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Creel, Chihuahua

The Canyon Zone in Chihuahua State, worldwide known as Barrancas del Cobre (Copper Canyon), is a marvelous area of six canyons with an average height of 1,700 m above the sea level, endowed with a beautiful forest over the top and tropical flora and fauna in the lower part, waterfalls of nearly half a kilometer, becoming the highlights of this geological wonder. As a result, the town of Creel is one of the top strategic points for visitors to admire the beauty of these places.

Creel is located 16 km from Bocoyna, head city of Creel’s same municipality, 143 km from Cuauhtemoc, one of the main destinations in Barrancas del Cobre, and 247 km from the City of Chihuahua, (the capital of the State). The village is settled over two thousand meters above the sea level, hence a mild weather during the summer but very cold in the winter. The still active Raramuri culture of tarahumara origins, named the village as “Rochivo”, back when the economy depended exclusively on the sawmills labor, however, tourism and commerce activities are nowadays part of the main economy. The current name of this place was given in 1907, that same year, the Railroad route known as “Kansas City, Mexico and Eastern” reached the town; the name was given in honor of the Governor Enrique C. Creel, whose monument stands in the Central Plaza.

This picturesque mountain village, with remarkable beauty by the traditional house-rooftops made of clay-ceramic materials, is surrounded by a thick pine forest, featuring several attractions like: visiting the neo gothic religious temple, a monument to Christ the King in a hill nearby, the Casa de las Artesanias showcases items of the Raramuri and Paquime cultures; you can also find handcraft stores all over the main street, where you can acquire souvenirs such as: pots, palm tree and pine baskets, carved wood items and dresses typical of the tarahumaran culture.

Creel is located right in the Tarahumara Mountains, so all it takes, is to keep your eyes opened in order for you to contemplate the most stunning landscapes. As you depart from this village, you can reach different natural attractions where visitors are led to adventurous activities in places such as: the Arareko Lake, the 30 m high Cuzarare Waterfall, the Rukiraso Waterfall, the Recohuata Hot Springs, Barranca de Tararecua, Valle de los Hongos and the wonderful rock formations in Valle de Bisabirachi. In areas nearby Creel, you can visit old Jesuit missions built back in the 17th and 18th centuries in Sisoguichi, Cuzarare, Arareko, Bocoyna and Basihuare. La Bufa viewpoint is located 100 km to the south of Creel, here you can enjoy the greatest view of Barranca de Batopilas and an impressive drop of 300 thousand meters down to point where a river originates, and further onto Batopilas, you can find an old mining village among tropical vegetation, this unique experience is too exciting to let it pass.

In this village, you can get the assistance of guides, so you can travel around the area, practicing extreme sports or going for relaxing hikes throughout dazzling spots. Visitors can perform activities nearby such as: tours around the canyon and ecotourism; rappel, rock climbing, mountain biking and horseback riding, hiking, trekking and camping, as well as fishing in the water ponds located all over the place.

The traditions worth noting in this place include: Yerbanis Festival, held in June, as well as some of healthiest sports competitions carried out in fantastic settings like: the Mountain Biking Race and the Triathlon, both events with high attendance, held in July.

All in all, visiting Creel means living a unique experience; visitors get to feel a western-film- like type of atmosphere, with surreal mountain landscapes, and the opportunity of challenging their physical fitness and extreme sports abilities, hand in hand with the fascinating culture preserved in this piece of heaven on earth.